Baby wearing is a new trend for modern mothers, but the truth is it has been used for centuries. There are a lot of benefits to baby wearing. It makes life easier for mom and dad. Your hands are free and you have a chance to really get out and about without all the hassle of everything else.

Here are a few reasons that baby wearing is great:

Newborns need to be held. The close physical contact with a parent not only has physiological benefits, but physical benefits as well. Baby wearing will allow you to give your baby the physical comfort that they need while you are able to be hands free for other activities such as playing with your other children, or daily tasks.

The upright position is perfect for those babies that have reflux. The pressure that is applied to their tummy from being worn helps with gas issues.

A colicky baby tends to be soothed easier when it is snuggled in a sling and then rocked. It is also easier on you to help with the holding.

You are able to get around better using a carrier than a stroller. You are able to maneuver in crowded areas, hike, sight-see, use public transportation, etc. It is easier when done with a carrier.

Once your baby is aware of the world, a carrier will give them a better view of the surroundings. Plus it will make them feel as if they are part of the action that is going on.

Toddlers even want to be held. Having a good carrier will make it easier to handle the weight of your toddler and it is a great way to soothe and comfort a grumpy or sick toddler.

All little ones love to be held, and this is why baby wearing is a bit easier for parents. There are some little ones that are more picky about what type of position they are in and which carrier they like. If you plan to introduce a carrier to your baby, make sure that they are full, rested, and happy. A little one that is grumpy or tired won’t enjoy being introduced into something new. If your baby fusses at first, don’t panic, they all do when being introduced into something new. Try moving around a bit and give your little one time to adjust to the new feeling.

It is also very normal for little ones to go on strike when it comes to baby wearing. As they become more mobile, especially after learning to walk. Don’t put those carriers in storage yet. Many toddlers will come back around and ask to be carried once they have mastered walking.

So, there are plenty of benefits to baby wearing, and it is perfect if you are one of those on the go type of parents.