It is pretty hard not to see why moms and even dads love the overall convenience of a baby wrap. These are also called slings. These bad boys free up your hands so you can get things done around the house. Not to mention wrapping your baby will give you a great workout, because you are able to burn more than 300 calories just by wearing your little one for a few hours.

Moby wrap

A super famous wrap and it’s popular for a reason.  Check out my Moby Wrap review.

moby wrapsMoby-Wrap-Original-Baby-Carrier-Review

Boba Baby Wrap

You never know how long you will be wearing the little one but the biggest pro of the Boba Baby Wrap is that it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  Not only that it’s also a great price.  For more information check out my full Boba baby wrap review.


Breeze Baby by Baby K’tan

If you live in hot or cool temperatures this baby wrap will be perfect. This wrap comes in black and white, while the black tends to be the preferred model for everyone because it is designed to keep your little one cool during summer and warm during winter.

Adjustable Sling by Balboa Baby

This type of wrap is a stretchy piece of fabric that comes in a variety of patterns and colors. This wrap is worn by threading the material through two plastic rings and then doubling back. This prevents the sling from coming undone. There is even a fabric stopper that will keep the sling from coming undone. There is also a small pocket that is pretty handy so you can stow away small objects that are needed.

Adjustable Pouch Carrier by Hotslings

This wrap is already pre-assembled and has the material sewn through rings that simply loop over your head and then fastens with two buckles on your shoulder. The straps can be pulled through the buckles to make it tighter around your body. This wrap is in two sizes, so it can fit just about any type of build. There are multiple patterns and it is pretty cool to wear for you and your baby.

Organic Sling by Karma Baby

This wrap is made from 100% organic cotton twill fabric, so it is super soft for your little one. There are no buckles, straps, or rings that need to be tied or adjusted. Simply fold in half and then slip it on with the pocket facing outwards and done. This is great for newborns all the way to toddlers who are around 35lbs.

There are plenty of wraps that are perfect for all styles of parenting, but these are the top ones that are perfect to match business outfits to a day trip in sweats. You are able to be hands free while you have the comfort knowing that your baby is snuggled close to you and having that bonding time.