This lightweight, but simple carrier will make transporting your baby so much easier, especially if you have recently had a new baby. There are no clips, rings, or buckles to deal with, the fabric is super soft and very supportive, as well as completely durable. There aren’t very many baby carriers out there that work not only for mom, but for dad as well. The fabric is reversible, which means that you can switch colors if you want, and there are plenty of prints and colors available. The best part about it, is that it isn’t very hard to use at all. There are even simple to understand instructions that are on the inside, so you have a pictured reference. There are three ways to use this carrier, front, back and hip. That was new for me, considering that there aren’t many baby carriers out there that have a hip carry option.  Click here to see how it compares to other baby carriers.  If you’re wondering what Mei Tai means, here is the answer.



Key points of the Infantino Mei Tai

  1. Weight guide 8 – 26 pounds
  2. For newborns – NO!
  3. Has hip support for babies
  4. It’s very comfortable to wear
  5. It comes at a good price

The instructions

Since there are clear instructions, when I first bought it, I had my 3 month old wrapped up in no time at all. I love the fact that the instructions are step by step, and they are very easy to understand. As stated before there are three different carrying positions for your baby or toddler. I did notice that when I went to use the back carry, I had to have a bit of help with getting my little one in and out of the carrier. Infantino does recommend that you read the instruction manual before you use the carrier. If you need a little extra help, there is a training video that is on the Infantino website that helps out a lot.

How it works

The Infantino Sash Mei Tai has a wide deep seat that will give you the right support for your baby’s hips because it keeps their legs in the frog position. Once you have them secured and properly tied, it is then very easy to keep a clear airway for your little one and the baby’s back and head are supported properly. Although, the Mei Tai didn’t really thrill me in the back carry position and the reason why: I placed my niece, who is a toddler, inside of the Mei Tai and there just wasn’t enough support while in the back carry position.

infantino-meai-tai-on-frontIt really seemed like it would have needed to be tighter, but then her legs would have been squeezed by the ties. It would have been even nicer if the shoulder straps had some sort of chest clip connection over the sternum for added security while in the back carry position. When I was placing my daughter in the Mei Tai, I had a lot of issues when securing her in the Mei Tai. I had to use a hand to support my little one at all times, which made me feel a bit uneasy about how secure she would be.

But is it comfortable…

When it comes to comfort for your little one, it does have that nice deep seat that will put your baby in the right position and gives them plenty of support. I do wish that there was a way that my little one could face out, when being worn on the front, but for the most part, she was content to be facing in. It is well constructed and the material is quite soft and supple against the skin of my little one.


As for the comfort for me, the Mei Tai was very comfortable to wear. I didn’t get overheated when wearing it and putting it on in a public setting wasn’t really a hassle. The shoulder straps are quite wide and very nicely padded, which means no more shoulder strap marks like other baby carriers. Most of the weight is actually distributed to your hips, which is where I normally place my daughter when doing things around the house. Since you can customize the fit for the carrier, it is great for all of the plus size moms out there, I am plus size myself and I have never had this much comfort and since it can be worn by multiple wearers who vary in size, it makes it great for everyone.


How to wash

Another thing that I found about the Mei Tai that I loved is the fact that it is machine washable, but it cannot be placed in a dryer. It has to be washed by itself and hung out to dry, which is a bit of an inconvenience.

Comparison to the ERGO

The Mei Tai is almost like the ERGO, but it is actually lighter and there aren’t any buckles, which is great because I certainly don’t like the buckles to cut into me. Also, you don’t have that bulky infant insert like other models. I used this on a trip to the zoo with my little one, and I didn’t get too hot with it on, and when I put it on in public, it was a lot easier. For being such a basic carrier, it is super comfortable. It comes with a deep seat which is a big plus and there was plenty of head support that has a detachable hood. The best part is that most of the weight is actually added to your hips and not your shoulders, which makes carrying your child more comfortable and easy. On to the pro’s and con’s.


  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Not hot to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of support for your child


  • After wearing for a while, the straps loosened up a bit.
  • No strap to go across the sternum for added security

My Infantino Sash Mei Tai verdict

Overall, the Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier is great for any new parent or those who are already parents. It is comfortable and it doesn’t get really hot. I liked the fact that it was perfect for daily use around the house, for chores, even day trips and shopping.  If you are planning on going hiking you should buy a baby carrier designed for hiking.  It allowed me to bond with my child a lot more as well. Even though it is just meant for baby from 8 to 26 pounds, it is certainly not recommended for newborns as there isn’t enough support. But I do love it for my little one.