Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier ReviewOf all the baby carriers available today, baby slings are one of the most popular options.  It’s hard to say exactly what so many parents like about them, but the one thing we do know is the Moby Wrap Original is one of the most widely used baby carriers on the market. Read our Moby Wrap Original baby carrier review and find out if this the right carrier for you!

Moby Wrap makes a variety of award-winning carriers and other baby products, proving the reliability of their products along with the sheer number of parents using the products every day.

If you’ve seen someone wearing a baby in a Moby Wrap, it may seem intimidating at first, but not to worry.  The Moby website has detailed instructions with pictures and videos to help you get the hang of it.  Moby Wraps are not secured with the double-backed ring method common to many other carrier types.  Instead, the fabric is wrapped around the wearer’s body, with the loose ends tied.  This means the Moby Wrap can be used by parents of all shapes and sizes.

The Moby Wrap Original is made to adjust and grow with baby, from 7 pound newborns to toddlers up to about 35 pounds in a variety of configurations to carry baby in a number of positions.  The site has videos showing you how to wrap the Moby Wrap Original for infants or older children in a hug hold, hip hold, or kangaroo hold.

Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier Review

The site also has safety instructions, including the “look, listen, and feel” technique to ensure baby is safe in the wrap.  Wearing and safety instructions are included with every baby carriers Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier Review

The Moby Wrap is made from 100% natural cotton and is machine washable, an important feature of anything purchased for a baby.  The Moby Wrap Original comes in a variety of colors to suit any taste.  If you aren’t sure about the Moby Wrap Original, there are a number of other models.

Moby Moderns collection includes five wraps in a range of colors in a mid-weight fabric and contrasting stitching.  The Designs collection is available in five screen printed designs.  The UV collection is especially suited to wearing in the summer sun and is made with the Rayosan Process for SPF protection of 50-plus.  Moby also has an organic collection in four colors and more than 20 team logos on the MLB collection.  For those who are into designer names, Moby also has a line of mid-weight wraps designed by Lotta Jansdotter in five patterns.

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