The Snuglis is a structured baby carrier that looks almost like a backpack that is to be worn on the front. This structured carrier will allow you to front face or tummy-to-tummy hold your little one. There is a weight limit of 26lbs. You can load and unload using one-handed buckles, the shoulder straps are padded, and you can tighten the straps in order to make it fit to you. This carrier comes in 6 different patterns and runs on the $40 area.

Snugli baby carrier Review

It tends to be reasonably comfortable, the padded shoulder straps don’t cut in and that is after long time of wearing. It doesn’t weigh a lot, so that is great for it being a structured baby carrier. Not to mention, it is very easy to use. You can put it on, adjust the straps and then slip off over your head. The criss-cross design in the back helps to distribute the weight evenly and they are just right which allows them to move a bit and adjust to your movements. The connectors for the straps are easy and you don’t have to constantly untwist and redo your straps when you plan to put the carrier on. Plus there are buckles for the straps which make it easy to just unclip and take off, as well as the buckles on the front of the carrier so you can open the baby compartment all the way out.

If your little one likes to look around, then the front of the carrier folds down without having to undo buckles. It folds down to allow them to look around and when your little one falls asleep, you can simply fold it back up and there is the head support. What is a big thing for everyone is the patterns for the baby carriers. There are several neutral colors for dad and there are even some pretty bold and trendy patterns that go with different personalities.

The one thing that I really don’t like about the Snugli, is that it is hard to breastfeed in. You have to take the little one out of the carrier and feed that way. There is only two options for wearing your little one, either facing out or facing you. There are other carriers out there that give more options. The weight limit only goes to 26lbs, so if you want to use it all the way past the toddler ages, then it may be best to get a different model.


Otherwise, this is a great carrier for infants. It is lightweight, breathable, and doesn’t take a lot of work to put it on and place your little one in. I would recommend it to anyone.