A woven wrap is a long piece of fabric that is woven to carry a baby. Wraps happen to be the most versatile carriers, and it is one that will grow with your little one and can be worn on the back, hip and front. You are even able to breastfeed in a woven wrap. The woven wraps are perfect for baby carriers which covers breathablity, the right amount of stretch, right right texture, and strength to hold your baby securely. They are all adjustable and if used right, it will support your little one in the correct healthy position, regardless of being worn on your back, hip, or in the front.

Many woven wraps will be cut into a parallelogram shape that has tapers. The tapers at the end make it so much easier to tie a knot. If there isn’t any tapered ends, it makes for a pretty bulky wrap. The tops and bottoms are hemmed and called rails as they connect and help to move the fabric around while you are wrapping. There are horizontal threads that run along the length of your wrap and vertical threads that run the width of it. The woven material can come in various colors and patterns, which makes it easy to mix and match with your lifestyle.


When it comes to sizes, a woven wrap is normally measured in meters and come in 8 different sizes. The size is the length from end to end including the tapers. The rebozo woven wrap is around 2.2 meters or 7.2 ft, while the shorties will range from 2.6m – 3.2m or 8.5ft – 10.5ft. The mid-length runs from 3.6m-4.2m or 11.8ft – 13.8ft and the standard is 4.6m or 15.1 ft. The long sizes are 5.2m-5.6m or 17.1ft – 19.7ft long. The width is normally about 28 inches, but there can be some variations in the width as well as length depending on the brand.

Many people start with using a 4.2m or 4.6m wrap, but you should use what you are comfortable with when it comes to wrapping.

Ease of use

Wrapping is easy once you get the hang of it, but when it comes down to it, it should be all about what you feel is comfortable for you and your baby. No one wants to see a parent uncomfortable or a little one just as uncomfortable. That is one thing about woven wraps, as they tend to conform and make everything a lot more comfortable for baby and you.